Roller coaster Bike rental

Viennese Prater, 1020 Vienna
Entrance von Prater Hauptallee | Near Schweizerhaus
Phon.: 01 / 7295888
The old vienna roller coaster

The old vienna roller coaster

History on the roller coaster

Titelbild The old vienna roller coaster

Family owned and run, the roller coaster was relocated in 1948 and managed to retain it's original charm. The roller coaster is still purely a wooden structure with a conventional rail system.

The rear brakeman (always present) is not only a traditional companion for passengers, but also an additional safety factor. Unlike most other rides here, all ages can ride, which allows fun for all.


  • Built 1948 - 1950
    (Train + guest house / 2.200 m²) was once a guest house with a garden.
  • Since 1971, fully owned by the family (Kremser / Pichler)
  • since 1980:
    Bicycle rental / bike garage + Service
  • since 1990:
    Rickshaw and bicycle production (special constructions)