Roller coaster Bike rental

Viennese Prater, 1020 Vienna
Entrance von Prater Hauptallee | Near Schweizerhaus
Phon.: 01 / 7295888

Price categories

rickshaw | Tandem | bmx | mountain bike | sports bike

child safety seats

This is a customary child seats for bicycles. The child seats can be back (over the rear wheel) mounted on any bicycle. Our child seats are suitable for a weight from 9-22 kg (20 to 50 lbs,) they consist of a 5-point har

children bicycle

We offer a wide variety of children's bikes with or without training wheels. Every year we aquire new and fun children's bikes. Choose from colorful action-bikes or a safe children's bike with training wheels.

e bike

We have 2 E-bike. Max. time for rent is 8 houers.

mountain bike

The mountain bike is designed especially for use on rough terrain (heavy-duty suspension). A mountain bike does not sport the usual road traffic permits, is provided as bell, lights and reflectors.

rickshaw (2 people + 2 children)

In our company you will find two different 2- passenger rickshaws (with two additional children seats). One of the models was developed by us, the other models are imported from Italy.

rickshaw (4 people + 2 children)

In this model, our rickshaw has four adult and two children seats .

special wheels

This bike has a seat with a backrest which is geneit back. The pedals and the front Tredlager are attached. These differences result in a reclining position of the wheel is moved. Recumbents are not difficult to ride tha


The tandem is a bicycle for two people, t he steerer is called the captain or pilot and the passenger i s a stoker .

woman man sport wheels

Standard wheels for ladies and gentlemen , with gears and racks. Furthermore, with sprung rear suspension, seat suspension , lights and glove box. Suitable for wide - or short distances.